Friday, April 3, 2009

Stacking box

I need to take the photos off of my camera so that I can blog more often! I was looking through some pictures that were on my computer though and came across this cute box. I learned how to make these from my friend Sheryl. It is amazing what a few scraps of chipboard and some paper can turn into. I made this one to hold a thank you gift for my friend PD. It is great, first you build the outer box and line it. Then you fold and place the stacking drawers inside. Fill the drawers with treats, put the lid in place (which of course you have made!) and it all fits neatly together and closes up tight. I have made a lot of them to give as gifts, depending on what paper and embellishments you pick, they can look so very different. These really are easy, as long as you follow directions, a couple of years ago Shon even had me teach his young men's group at church (14-16 year old boys) how to make them for their moms for Mother's Day. If anyone would like to know how to make them, let me know.

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Felicia said...

Super cute! Love the paper you used.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!