Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Spring Inspiration

Our April stamp group meeting brought a little "spring" into our lives! This was the cute project. I really love those blocks! It inspired me to make my own twist on them that I could display year round. I change a few things, chocolate brown blocks, silver edging, more pearls...The other things I have done were a card for a birthday party, I designed it for a demo I taught a while back, but it has turned out to be one of my favorites that I keep making again and again. Always a little bit different, but using the same elements. The necklace is one that I designed for my baby sister when she was here in March. It is all soft blues, crystal beads, pearly white and silver. I am learning that we can't rely on the weather to let us know winter is gone. We need to create it! ;-) Happy Spring everyone!


Joan said...

They are all very cute. I had seen these blogs on a stamping blog (can't remember which one). Bobbie's necklace is way cute and I was with you I made the same card once and have used the idea in different ways several times too. It's a classically good one.

Lesli said...

Wow Kee - super blocks!!!! Love that necklace!

Felicia said...

Oh I love the blocks!! They turned out wonderful! Great idea taking the little knotches out for the ribbon on the card. Going to have to write that one down and remember it.

Have a great day!