Saturday, October 1, 2011

T-Shirt Upcycle

What to do with a cute but ordinary t-shirt for my cute but extraordinary teen daughter? Upcycle baby! Lissie really likes Steam Punk designs and Cupcakes, so the challenge was set. I did both of these shirts last night. It was quick, easy, cheap and fun! From start to finish, it took me about two hours.
1) Find some T-shirts that need a little bit of love....First came the darker pink shirt.  I decided to go with a cupcake on that one, so the fun began by drawing out some samples...

2) We have a winner!  Poor winner was then cut apart to be used as a pattern. 

3) I went through my felt stash and chose a sparkly white and a charcoal gray for the icing and cake part. (By the way, I love, love LOVE those scissors.  My family knows that they never get used for anything but fabric and ribbon so they are SHARP!)

4) To bring my little friend to life, I embroidered a face and then appliqued him to the shirt using a running stitch.

5) Tada!  Done already and my episode of NCIS is not even over yet!

6) The real test came when Lissie saw it...the verdict is was love at first bite (groan!  I had to get a cupcake pun in...sorry, I will behave now.)

Shirt #2 Light Pink

1) First I picked a stamp image that I know Lissie like and used a permanent ink called Staz-on to stamp it on the shirt.  I could have left it like that, but decided to embroider it using 1-3 strands of floss depending on which part it was.  I love to embroider and it is so quick to do.  Thread a needle and hit play on the DVD player...
2) Finished the first one and enjoyed another episode of NCIS (Told you this was a quick project).  As you can see below, we have an embroidered balloon. 

3) Test #2 passed!  My Steam Punk loving chickadee lurves this shirt!  Score two for Mom!  What do you think?

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