Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspired by...

Inspiration is a muse that each of us seek in different ways. For me, I have to be surrounded by bits of life. Each of them can touch me in different ways.

* Maybe it is my soul that is touched by a bit of light and shadow. The way I place my furniture in my creative space is directly related to the way sunlight and shadow play on the wall.

**Maybe my creative juices flow when a bit of texture, color or shape touch my senses.

***It might be an odd little object that was discarded from a previous owner. It sat homeless, until it touched my emotions.

****Sometimes it is an object that touches my sense of humor. It makes me smile for whatever odd reason.

Each of these things are a part of the puzzle that is me. When they are placed together as a whole, they help me to encourage Inspiration to stop flitting around and visit for awhile. Do her job as a muse and together we create, and dream and create some more. Below are some of the things that help inspire me.

Two of my favorite things, Chocolate and vintage signs! Yum for both the tummy and the eyes!

This makes my soul calm. I am reminded that we not only have a Father in Heaven that loves us, He cared enough to make a world that is beautiful as well as functional.

The most tender green you will ever see. This is the color of creativity, rebirth and renewal. The only time this green doesn't work is when you see it in the fridge on food. :-0 Then it is time to get out of your studio and clean out the icebox! Loll

My favorite flower, look at that color saturation! This was taken by jillclearyinc

I remember practising drawing by studying Leonardo's work...yes we are on a first name basis! :-)

I like to burn candles while I work...something about that small steady flame is comforting. No, I am not a fire bug, I leave that to my husband with the BBQ.

These little owls make me smile with their whimsy. I would love to own the fabric they are printed on.


Melanie said...

Great pictures. I love these owls too. Now, I'm off to find something inspiring...

Joan said...

OK, you can have green in the fridge as long as it's green jello and you can have lettuce and broccoli and dill pickles...... other than that, you are right. No green especially if it is fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

Cute owls and the photos are so serene. Chocolate is always good in my book!